Spiritual Curiosity (March Newsletter Article)

As March approaches, I enter my seventh month of my internship. It is hard to believe so much time has flown by. One of my greatest joys so far has been working with our youth in the Crossing Paths program. I get the experience of not only teaching religious education but also growing spiritually and learning with them as well.  So far, we have learned about Judaism, Unitarian Universalism, Christianity, Catholicism, Quakerism, and Islam. In the upcoming months, we are looking at Humanist, Pagan and Native American faith traditions as well as Buddhism and Hinduism.  The visit to the Eau Claire Friends Meeting was very impactful. The idea of sitting through an hour of silence was intimidating and seemed almost impossible to all of us. How could people do that and do it every week? Chris McKim, Lisa Sylvester, myself and five of our youth went to the meeting on January 20th. I was impressed by how well our youth sat through the unprogrammed portion. I admit for me, it was very challenging for the first 20 minutes. After all, sitting in silence for a lengthy amount of time is not something I am used to or good at. I’ve never liked meditation, guided or silent, but there is something different about being silent together in community.  It was just after that 20 minute mark, when I felt a weight lifted and stress melt away. A few of us shared reflections during the unprogrammed portion and afterwards as we sat through introductions and fellowship. Since then, I have been constantly thinking about how our Unitarian Universalist faith gives us the freedom to explore, learn about, and practice different religions and how grateful I am to be a part of that. I’ve attended two friends meetings since our field trip, my husband now attends them regularly and Calya has started working with The First Day School and Nursery along with filling in at the nursery here.

Life is a journey. Full of left turns, right turns, forwards and backwards. I love that no matter what part of the journey we are on, we are on it together.  There is support through the good times and bad. I think this falls in line with this year’s theme at General Assembly- “The Power of We”. Attendees and participants will explore the power, possibility, purpose, struggle, and joy of finding the path forward together as Unitarian Universalists.

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