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Iliff on the forefront of graduate theological education serves more than 30 denomination and faith traditions. It is one of the recommended theological schools by the Unitarian Universalist Association after the UU seminaries.  

Iliff has offered and continues to offer a wide range of social justice courses along with stimulating coursework that has expanded my knowledge and challenged me in wonderful ways. The fact that dialogue is not only valued but deeply encouraged even when it is complicated and uncomfortable is important to me. Every quarter, I am more and more impressed with not only my instructors and the materials, but also what my peers bring to the class. 

Courses I have taken in the past year have included Identity, Power, and Difference, Religions in the World, Crisis Care and Pastoral Theology, Parish Leadership and Congregational Development and Spiritual Care in Pluralistic Context. This upcoming quarter I excited to take Reformers and Radicals as well as Buddhist Philosophy.  I hope in spring to take Theologies of Vulnerabilities and Dependency, expanding my experiences with disability advocacy and theology as well as UU Polity and Mission Based Ministry.  Future classes that I am interested in include Post-Traumatic Stress, Ethical Analysis and Advocacy, and Ministry and Human Sexuality.

Seminary education is costly and while there is some financial aid, it does not cover all of the expenses including tuition, fees, and textbooks. My divinity degree program is also a hybrid or “journey” program which means I travel out to Denver three times a year to attend on-campus intensives of my classes called gathering days.  Outside funding is needed to support my journey.

Iliff offers a generous matching scholarship program, matching contributions to a student’s education 100% up to $4500 every year. Contributions must be at least $100.

To support my seminary journey click here or copy and past the following link in your browser 

To provide direct support for the educational costs of a specific student, select “Specific Student” in the Fund dropdown, then clearly indicate the name of the student (Rachel Carter) in the “Other fund” field. Please note that funds donated toward individual students are not tax-deductible.

You can find out more information about Iliff School of Theology at and

I have applied and continue to apply to outside scholarships and welcome any suggestions for additional scholarships to apply to. Please contact me through the contact page or email me at

Thank you for your support!

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